Should I Replace My Heating System?

You don’t need tea leaves to tell you what lies ahead for your furnace or boiler. All you need to know are the common warning signs of a system that’s seen better days and now needs professional attention. Who knows, it might even need to be replaced.vintage img

Here are the common indicators of a heating system practically calling out for help:

Your furnace or boiler is more than 15 years old.

Older heating systems gradually lose their ability to provide steady and reliable heat with even temperatures from room to room, especially if it has not been properly maintained over the years.

Your equipment needs frequent repairs and your energy bills are going up.

On average, heating systems at least 10 years old operate at no better than 60% efficiency, meaning that 40 cents of every dollar you spend to heat your home are wasted.  By contrast, today’s high-efficiency systems of today operate at efficiency levels of up to 95% — some even higher.

Some rooms in your home are too hot or too cold.

Improper equipment operation, duct problems or inadequate insulation could be the cause. There are more than a few reasons why your house doesn’t heat or cool evenly.

Your home has humidity problems.

Poor equipment operation and leaky ductwork are just two reasons why your indoor air might be overly dry in the winter and too humid in the summer.

Your home has excessive amounts of dust.

Leaky ducts can pull dust, other dirt particles, and air from attics, crawl spaces and basements and then distribute them throughout your home. Sealing and insulating your ducts helps keep your home clean and your energy bills down.

Your heating system is noisy.

Telltale “fix me” noises include a high pitched squealing sound or a low rumble, the latter likely cause by pilot light in need of adjustment.  Low rumbles might also indicate dirty gas burners or under-sized ducts.

Let’s say, however, that you haven’t noticed any of these warning signs. At Pann Home Services, we’d like to help you keep it that way. That’s why we urge you to contact us today for our heating system check-up. It’s a comprehensive service designed to help you avoid repair problems, enable your heating system to last longer, and to reduce your monthly utility costs. Pann Home Services – helping you keep the heat on, all winter long.