The Advantages of a Combined Boiler and Tankless Water Heater

Raise your hand if you remember the vintage Certs TV commercials that endlessly drove home the following: “Certs is a candy mint. Certs is a breath mint.  Certs is two, two, two mints in one.”

Here’s a vintage TV commercial that might help freshen up your memory.

Corny or not, this classic ad campaign and slogan proved to be highly effective in drilling differentiating themselves from products that were either just candy or just mints. And why? Because Americans are known for wanting more for their money.

Added Value from Pann Home Services

We have our own two-for-one product and we think it’s something to cheer about.  It’s called a combination (“combi”) boiler:  a heating system and water heater all rolled up in one.

What happens if you don’t need to replace your boiler and water heater at the same time?  We can install one or the other, and later install the rest your system when the need arises.  That way, you don’t have to scrap a boiler or water heater that’s working just fine.

Combi Boiler Features & Benefits

At Pann Home Services, we’re boiler and water heater specialists.  Not every plumbing and heating company can make that claim. Which is why you don’t want a combi boiler installed by anyone but an experienced professional…too much can go wrong.

  • With Pann on the case, you can have it all:
  • At about the size of a suitcase, a combi boiler is small enough to fit in a closet or small room and frees up valuable storage or living space.
  • Expert installation and service.
  • Significant cost savings compared to purchasing separate heating and hot water systems.
  • Immediate delivery of hot water and heat.
  • The system’s tankless water heater delivers 4.8 gallons of water per minute…that’s plenty for families who run multiple hot water fixtures or appliances at the same time.
  • Our combi boilers are easy to service with commercial grade construction that ensures long lasting reliability.
  • You get 10 worry-free years of warranty protection on the boiler heat exchanger, plus five years of coverage on all other parts.
  • 95% energy efficiency also saves you money on your utility bills.

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