The Benefits of a Home Water Softener

Virtually every potable water source in the US has at least trace levels of calcium and magnesium.  When those levels rise above normal, problems can occur, setting the stage for hard water conditions.

While hard water presents no health risks, it does leave several telltale signs, including these:

  • Dull whites from the laundry
  • Reduced sudsing action, sometimes requiring you to re-wash clothes, sheets, and towels
  • A milky haze on dishes and glasses from the dishwasher
  • Dull, dry hair
  • Itchy skin

Hard water also can corrode water-using appliances and eat away at the inside of your pipes.

The Solution to Hard Water Conditions

With a whole-house water softener from Pann Home Services, your hard water problems will disappear. A water softener is a mechanical appliance that we plumb into your water supply system.  In effect, it’s designed to trade the minerals for something else, usually sodium. This process is called ion exchange.

Some of the sodium used to flush out the minerals will remain in the water – you might notice a slight salty taste.  But that can be eliminated by installing an under-sink water filter in your kitchen, one that works hand in hand with your water softener. It’s an especially popular option among our customers on restricted salt diets.

With your hard water problems rectified, you’ll enjoy cleaner clothes, whiter whites, cleaner dishes, and less money spent on personal and home cleaning supplies. You’ll also notice less wear and tear on your water-using appliances and pipes.

Here are some additional benefits of water softening:

  • Reduced energy bills. Lesser amounts of magnesium and calcium reduces the amount of energy needed to operate your washing machine, dish washer, and other water-using appliances.
  • Gentler on your plants. Water softeners also eliminate chlorine which can be harmful to plants.
  • Extends the life of underground sewer pipes. Hard water reduces the diameter of pipes by developing an inner layer of minerals and other debris. This results in increased water pressure, which can damage the sewer system.

Contact Pann Home Services today for a free in-home consultation on how to improve the quality of your home water supply.  We have the right solution for any home, and any budget.