The Benefits of a Water Softener

As someone who takes pride in your person and home, you wouldn’t think of going to work in dirty clothes. Serving a meal on dirty dishes. Or inviting guests over without first cleaning your bathroom from top to bottom.

Cleanliness is a great quality. But don’t you just hate it when you’re doing all that washing and cleaning with hard water, and you seem to be headed in the wrong direction? Here’s how you can tell if hard water problems are plaguing your home.

Common Hard Water Symptoms    

  • A filmy haze on glasses
  • Whitish, scaly deposits on your faucets and shower doors
  • Internal damage to your water pipes, dishwasher & water heater
  • Dry, dull skin and hair
  • Whites that turn yellow in the wash, and colors that fade

Hard water stems from above-normal levels of calcium and magnesium in your water supply. It’s not just annoying – hard water can result in some unwelcome expenses, such as:

·         More laundry detergent needed to clean your clothes

·         More dishwashing detergent

·         Extra soap and shampoo, etc., for your personal hygiene

·         Higher energy costs due to extra washing of clothes, dishes, and more

·         Repair problems with water-using appliances

The Case for Water Softening

Pann Home Services can put an end to your hard water problems with a high-quality water softener. Customers who have them, love them. And what’s not to love with all these benefits:

·         Cleaner and shinier silverware, glassware, mirrors, tiles, cars, and plumbing fixtures

·         Softer skin and clean, smooth hair

·         Reduced soap scum

·         Reduced need for soap and shampoo

·         Softer clothes

·         Longer-lasting fabrics

·         Whiter whites

·         Longer-lasting appliances

·         Reduced energy costs

·         Fewer plumbing problems and repairs

If you have hard water conditions or suspect you might, contact Pann Home Services today to discover what a high-quality water softener can do for your home and family.