The Health Benefits of Gardening

In recent years, gardens have been popping up in some unconventional places – from prison yards to retirement and veteran homes to programs for troubled youth.

Most are handy sources of fresh and local food, but they’re also becoming a form of therapy for those with mental health issues, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety. Not surprising when you think of it…true gardeners and growers have long known the sheer satisfaction of planting, tending, and reaping.

Researchers have found that smelling roses and pulling up weeds can lower blood pressure, increase brain activity and produce an upbeat feeling. Even just looking at a garden can give you a positive boost. The evidence is so compelling that the health factor has been given its own name – horticultural therapy – and is being used to treat hospital patients and even to calm prisoners in jails.

For patients who find themselves restricted by a disability, even the simplest gardening experience – such as growing a potted plant from a cutting – can provide a feeling of control.

Horticultural therapists are being employed by major cities such as Chicago to help plan parks and botanical gardens. Even New York’s notorious Rikers Island Jail is using horticultural therapy to calm prisoners and prepare them for their release.

Well, if gardening can do all that for people with physical or mental disorders – or those locked up behind bars – imagine what it can do for those in good health who simply need a means of creative expression.

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