Water Heater Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Imagine friends coming over for a visit and, out of nowhere, one of them asks: “So, how’s your water heater behaving?”

Here’s how you WOULDN’T reply: “I thought you’d never ask!” Then again, your friend wouldn’t grill you on such matters in the first place – it’s the kind of thing people discuss only when there’s a problem.

What kind of problem? Here are a few that should concern you:

Lack of Hot Water

The most common sign of a failing water heater is not enough hot water, or not as much as you’d like. Over time, mineral deposits build up in the tank and create a barrier between the burner and water. Over time, less heat reaches the water and your showers get colder!

Popping Noise

The distinct popping noise is caused by minerals forming a layer on the tank’s inside walls. Mineral build-up gives rise to air pockets that boil and pop loudly enough to be heard.

Cloudy Water

Mineral deposits can cloud up your hot water and produce a metallic odor or taste. These same deposits can clog up faucets. Excess mineral deposits also can create a cloudy orange or reddish color signifying a rusty tank, water pipes, or both.

Leaking Hot Water Tank

Is water pooling beneath your tank? Internal corrosion can lead to fractures and cracks – and that usually means your water heater needs to be replaced. If not caught and corrected in time, a leaking tank can flood the area around it.

Yes, water heaters can communicate when trouble is brewing, so look and listen for telltale warning signs. From simple repairs to system replacement, you can count on Pann Home Services & Remodeling to enhance your family’s indoor comfort and convenience.