What’s Better for You – A Deck or Patio?

And the answer is…Neither. Both. Deck. Patio. Huh?

Don’t you just hate it when someone asks you a “this” or “that’ question that, on the face of it, can’t be answered either way with full confidence? Well, the deck vs. patio question is one of those.

Here’s why. If, for example, you live in a raised ranch, a deck might be the more natural move since you wouldn’t have to walk down a flight of stairs to reach a patio.

Then again, if you live in a ranch style home or one with a walkout basement, space wise, patio might be the way to go.

Plus, there are numerous other considerations. Let’s check out a few of them.

Basic Considerations: Patios vs. Decks

Patios are flush with the ground and generally made from paver stones, bricks or concrete and often connect to the home. Then again, so does an elevated or even low-level deck, perhaps with a step or two up or down.

A stone, paver, or concrete patio has no railings, therefore it’s easier to landscape immediately around or within it. Plus, you have more options for size and configuration than decks typically allow. Patios are also great spots for a water fountain, birdbath, a seating area and fire pit. If you decide that you prefer to have a patio, then you may decide to also add new patio doors so your whole garden area is new and fresh.

Decks, on the other hand, are typically made of wood (or composite) and raised off the ground, as we’ve said, at least by a step or two. That means there will be “stuff” underneath, perhaps even creepy critters, but don’t let that deter you. That’s because decks have their own set of advantages, such as:

• Faster to build
• Little to no new landscaping involved
• Be as creative as you like – and as space allows – with the design
• Decks are three dimensional, patios are two
• Great elevated views
• Absorb less heat than patios

Beyond that, decks require permits, patios don’t. By being at ground level, patios tend to offer greater privacy. Patios are prone to cracks, but easy to maintain. Decks work well on uneven terrain but have a shorter lifespan.

Simple, right? Well, with Pann Home Services to guide you through the selection and design process, it can be a whole simpler than it might seem now. Contact us today for an on-site quote and free estimate. Plus, we’re always ready to discuss any other remodeling or building projects you have in mind.