Why People Remodel Their Bathrooms

Why do people remodel their bathrooms? Sure – for all kinds of reasons, including the simple desire for a change of scenery.

For example, maybe you visited Paris last year and, as beautiful as it was, this year you’re planning to take in the splendor of Rome and Florence, Italy. Sure, you won’t suffer a bit by a repeat visit to Paris – but the world, and your bathroom, affords so many other opportunities.

Beyond “change of scenery,” there are numerous other reasons people remodel their bathrooms. The following are among the most common.

Resale Value.

A remodeled bathroom bumps up resale value – that’s just how it works. Homes with updated and nicely furnished bathrooms not only sell quicker but have a relatively higher price.

Increased Energy Efficiency.

You can save money over time when you install energy-efficient lighting. LEDs use a fraction of traditional bulbs’ energy and are also safer to operate in a damp environment.

Increased Water Efficiency.

Older toilets, showers, and taps use much more water than they should. Newer models use low-flow technology like aeration filters and dual-flush buttons to reduce the amount of water they use. Some advanced models will also turn off by themselves if left on for too long.

More Storage Space.

A bigger and more conveniently accessible storage area can make keeping your bathroom tidy so much easier. All your hygiene and beauty products will be easier to access and put away.

Solve Plumbing Problems.

Plumbing issues develop over time and become progressively worse. If your toilet keeps running or your taps are dripping all day long, it’s time to get them fixed. Left too long, water might suddenly appear on the floor after a pipe leaks from the pressure. Left unattended, the floor can rot and warp. Mold can form and, over time, grow out of control. There’s only one way to fix all that – start all over again.

Build a Personal Escape.

A remodeled bathroom with warm, soothing colors, a soaking tub, and soft lighting enables a busy person to escape and relax, away from the children or the demands of the working world. Similarly, an attractive and clean bathroom can help better prepare you for the day ahead.

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