Why Rec Rooms are Making a Comeback

Rec room, bonus room, teen hangout – whatever you call it, having a dedicated space for games, movie nights, and casual entertaining is a great way to bring friends and family together. Even if you don’t have the space for a full-size room, here are a few reasons to carve out a little corner of your basement (or elsewhere) for some added fun and recreation.

Perfect for entertaining. Love company? Invite a crowd over for a game of foosball, darts, cards, or ping pong. Add colorful wall décor, a fun area rug, and forgiving furniture like a microfiber or leather sectional.

Casual or elegant. If you’re not into the casual vibe, bring a little elegance to your space with charcoal walls, classic molding, and rich velvet upholstery.

Fun for everyone. Whether it’s an adult soiree or family board game night, a rec room can have something for everyone. Consider furnishings that are more portable and can be rearranged to allow seating for various activities.

Part time space. Have a formal dining or living room that you rarely use? Why not transform it into a space everyone can enjoy. Place a portable ping-pong game on the dining room table or add a magnetic dart set and a card table in the living room, complete with various board games.

Inexpensive entertainment. You don’t always have to venture out to have a good time. A rec room stocked with a variety of snacks, a mini-fridge for chilled beverages, and a selection of games will keep boredom away for hours.

Inexpensive to furnish. Check garage sales for a great deal on a pool table, ask friends and neighbors if they have any spare chairs or games you can have, frame and hang old maps or movie posters, and you’ve got yourself a rec room!

Reflect your style. Throw a coat of paint onto an otherwise drab ping-pong or card table, have custom shelving installed to house games and movies, add a vintage record player or popcorn machine, or simply go a little wild with colorful furnishings and accessories. The rec room is the perfect space to reflect your personal style.

If you love the idea but have only an unheated space for your planned rec room, Pann Home Services can ensure your room provides year-round comfort for everyone concerned. One option is a ductless air system that’s perfect for a single room or, for that matter, an entire home. For more information on this and other heating and cooling options, contact us today.