Benefits of More Outdoor Plumbing

Most American homes have at least one outdoor faucet. Come to think of it, many homes in our area have one outdoor faucet…period. Well, the home and garden centers must love you for all the extra hoses and watering cans you buy as you attempt to reach all areas of your property. Local car washes… Read more »

7 Key Home Repairs

Home ownership and a honey-do list go hand in hand, and yet sometimes that list can get OUT of hand as you try to juggle work, family, friends, and everything else that’s part of your busy lifestyle. While certain home maintenance tasks are easy to place on the back burner without much consequence – like… Read more »

Pre-Season Air Conditioning Start-Up Hints and Tips

Summer is rapidly approaching, and with it comes warmer temperatures and an increased amount of use for your home’s air conditioning system. Before you start it up this summer, you should run through the following pre-season air conditioning start-up hints and tips to make sure it works to the fullest of its abilities. Remember: nobody… Read more »

Benefits of an Under-Sink Water Filter

The human body is more than 72% water, which means the quality of the water that goes in has a great deal to do with your overall health. If your municipality has high-quality water and you’ve had that confirmed, you’re among the fortunate of local homeowners. On the other hand, water quality problems abound throughout… Read more »

Common Water Heater Warning Signs

When your first hear certain noises from inside your home, you might get a little spooked, grab a flashlight, and start carefully searching the house. Ghosts? Nope. A would-be intruder? No, thank goodness! Your kids wreaking havoc? Well, maybe – but not this time. During your search, you discover that your water heater is the… Read more »

Valentine’s Day Plumbing Tips

So it’s that time of the year again, Valentine’s Day. You’ve got the flowers, chocolates, and card ready to go. Only this year, you decided to skip the dinner reservations at her favorite restaurant and set up a home-cooked meal. Bold move. We see you and respect this effort, so we’ve decided to offer some… Read more »

Save Water and Money with Low-Flow Water Fixtures

If you’ve made it your mission to waste less water, you’re probably well-versed on what low-flow fixtures do to help the cause. And yet, did you know that new technology has resulted in even greater water savings from going low-flow? If it’s time to replace or buy new bathroom fixtures, you’ll like what you’re about… Read more »

5 Ways to Take Care of Your Home

When it comes to ways to take care of your home, the best of intentions don’t always produce the best results. But excellent planning usually does, along with the commitment to follow through. That’s good advice no matter what the endeavor, including when it comes to “best practices” for keeping your home well-organized, looking its… Read more »

Why You Should Keep Snow off Your Roof

A dusting of snow can make a neighborhood look magical, especially during the holidays when outside lights add a festive glow. But high amounts of snow can lead to dangerous road conditions, school closings, and can even damage your home, especially the roof. So, just how much snow is too much for a roof to… Read more »

Holiday Emergency Plumbing Repairs You Can Do Yourself!

Your Furnace Doesn’t Feel Hot Enough Your family and friends are all gathered together at your house to celebrate the holiday. Still, there’s only one problem: everyone is freezing! Nothing will put a damper on your holiday party quicker than a cold home. Still, with these common furnace problems and remedies, you can try to… Read more »