When to Replace an Anode Rod

Sigh…if only water heaters lasted forever. LCD lamps due, or at least more years than you can count, so what the heck is wrong with those pesky water heaters? Hard to tell, but until engineers figure out the path to eternity, we’re stuck with average system lifespans of 8-12 years. Among other things, that means… Read more »

Drain Odor – How to Get Rid of it Yourself

Let’s say you just walked into your kitchen or bathroom only to discover an unidentifiable (and horrible) smell. If you can’t find the source of the odor, then it is most likely drain odor. That’s right. Drains can smell bad. If your drains smell bad, don’t fret. There are several different DIY steps you can… Read more »

Common Home Plumbing Problems

If you’re a pessimist, you expect things to go wrong, and that’s not a terrible way to be once you really think about it. Because once something does go wrong, you’re not really surprised – assuming, of course, you’re a true pessimist. Optimists, on the other hand, always assume the best. When a plumbing problem… Read more »

How to Avoid Home Remodeling Mistakes

If you’ve ever taken on a home remodeling project – and lived to tell about it – you likely have stories to tell. Stories of trials and tribulations. Budgets exceeded. Workmanship that fell short of your expectations. Blown timetables. And who knows what else. So, before you embark on your first (or next) remodeling project,… Read more »

Where Water Damage Can Occur

There are certain foods that are great by themselves and maybe even better when combined with something else. Peanut butter and jelly? Nothing wrong with either on its own…but as a dynamic duo, they’re hard to beat. Water’s a great thing, too, just as are building materials. But for the most part, they make for… Read more »

Home Theater Lighting Options

There are several different lighting options available to create the perfect ambiance while setting up your home theater system. While selecting your lighting system for your home theater, one must consider the total area allotted for setting up the home theater. There is a wide range of lights available, from Hollywood disco lights to lights… Read more »

Hard Water Can Cause Big Problems

You may not know that you have hard water but, once you learn some of the most common symptoms, you’ll have a pretty good idea. While hard water is not a health risk, it can cause numerous plumbing and cleaning issues – as you’re about to see. Reduced Water Heater Lifespan Most water heaters are… Read more »

How to Make the Most of Low Ceilings

Soaring ceilings can make a room feel bright, airy, and large. But not every home is blessed with 12, 14, or even 20 foot ceilings, or enough attic space to go appreciably higher. So, if your rooms are vertically challenged, there are ways to make them feel taller by using the space you do have… Read more »

Increase the Value of Your Home with These Plumbing Upgrades

When it’s time to sell a home, most people do improvements on their homes that they feel will increase the value of their house. However, almost everyone focuses on expensive aesthetic upgrades that do nothing but increase the “curb appeal” of their house. But, upgrading your plumbing can increase the value of your house more… Read more »

The Stylish Look of Drop Ceiling Tiles

Drop ceilings are great for hiding plumbing, electrical, and HVAC equipment in a space like a basement, but they couldn’t look more uninteresting if they tried…until now, that is! Here are some creative ways to pretty-up a drop ceiling and add instant ambience to just about any room. Classic Coffered. A coffered ceiling adds timeless… Read more »